The Aquasmash

The Challenge

Milo Cans was perceived as a nutritious chocolate beverage for kids 7-12. Sales have been on the decline as these kids literally grew out of the category. Milo needed to appeal to the teen market segment by leveraging on its strong association with sports. As one of the country’s most popular sport, badminton was the obvious choice. But teens know it as a sport their fathers and grandfathers played, and are more willing to experience and experiment with new kinds of sports.

The Execution

The AquaSmash, the worlds first floating badminton court was created to engage the target audience. The on-ground event and the online video of the event drove them to a site where they were challenged to create their own court in a competition to win prizes and have their court be brought to life. We created ‘MILO Cans Next Games’ - a platform that dared Malaysian teens to redefine sports. Whilst we stayed true to the brand’s association with sports, we turned it from something that’s restricted by rules, to one that challenged it. On ground, we created AquaSmash, the world’s first badminton court that floats on water. The court travelled to 5 major cities in the country and floated on a public pool for a weekend at each city. Ticket to play: a can of Milo. On the digital space, the AquaSmash online video was viewed over 1 million times and word of mouth spread like wildfire on Facebook. Even the World’s #1 Badminton Champion joined the conversation. We drove them to a site where we challenged them to create their own courts, and the best court will be brought to life. Ticket to participate: a can of Milo.

The Result

Milo redefined itself from a ‘kiddy brand’ to a cool brand for teens: More than 45,000 people played on the AquaSmash court across 5 major cities. 5,320 court designs were submitted in just 6 weeks. Over 1 million online video views. Media Impressions: 101,209,873. Clicks: 949,856. Facebook Click-Through-Rate: 4.34%. TrueView View-Through-Rate: 16.52%. Unique game page views on Milo website: 384,302. Even the World’s No. 1 Badminton Champion joined in the conversation. Reversed a sales decline of 10% over the last 6 months prior to the campaign and grew by 3%, with 5 million cans sold in just 3 months.